open source software

Linux and open source software advantages

GNU Linux, and open source software as a whole, have great advantages to the community of people that use it when compared to closed source, proprietary software. Two of these advantages are the ability to communicate directly with the developers to request features and report bugs, and the ability of the project to live on because the development is not dependent on a company.

Open Source Alternatives: Quanta Plus

A must have tool for web developers is Quanta Plus, a multi-purpose development tool. It supports code highlighting for many languages and applications, FTP, projects, plugins and much more. To be honest, I have barely scratched the surface of it's capability. Half the time, it is easier to open a document in Kate and edit it. Kate is the notepad of Linux, but on steroids.

Open Source Alternative: GnuCash

GnuCash Financial Management is a free, open source alternative to highly priced commercial accounting software.

GnuCash provides the tools necessary for personal and business financial management. GnuCash includes everything found in commercial software costing hundreds of dollars including the double entry accounting method, customizable reports, invoices and customer management, job management, budgeting and much more.