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New Ubuntu Kiosk image for 12.04

We have just finished a release for Ubuntu 12.04. It can be downloaded using the link below.

Installation is the same:

1). Boot to the image (CD or USB). 
2). Log in as itadmin with the password changeme
3). Double click "install custom CD" on the desktop. 
4). Reboot to the hard disk and log in again. 
5). Double click setup kiosk and choose run in terminal. 

Ubuntu kiosk based on 10.04.1

**The latest update broke the kioskfox plugin** See here for instructions on fixing it.

The links for the new build based on Ubuntu 10.04.1 are below, along with the zip file containing the scripts. Contributions are welcome and please contact me or comment below with questions and complaints. This is live CD that can be installed to disk that is tailored for use as a public internet kiosk. There are 19 scripts included that perform various actions.

This started several years ago after a need arose for secure and stable web kiosks around our college campus.

Ubuntu kiosk based on 9.10

Updated 05/24/2011: Click here for the newest kiosk build based on Ubuntu 10.04.1.

Below is a the link for a kiosk build of Ubuntu based on 9.10. This build is a specific configuration of Ubuntu that will automatically login as a kiosk user. The kiosk user's xsession consists only of a single Firefox Window.

Be sure to see the FAQ at the bottom.

Ubuntu kiosk edition v1.0

Updated 05/24/2011: Click here for the newest kiosk build based on Ubuntu 10.04.1.

Updated 04/08/2010: I have posted the new version of a kiosk build based on Ubuntu 9.10 here.

Updated 03/16/2010: I am working on a kiosk build using 9.10. This should be posted soon.

One of my projects at my current employer was to use Ubuntu as a public kiosk after our Windows kiosks started prompting users for credit card information. After building the image up on a test machine, I used the excellent remastersys project to build an image to use for future maintenance. I am making this image available here.

This is a live CD that is currently built on Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS and has most of the extra software removed, such as the games and unnecessary utilities, and is suitable for both wired and wireless kiosks. Please read on for notes and implementation.