Latest Firefox update is incompatible with the kioskfox plugin (and how to fix it)

The latest Firefox update broke the kioskfox plugin. Well, not really broke it, but Firefox says it's incompatible and it cannot find an updated version. It's an easy fix that seems to work well. If you are using the kiosk build from this website, use the command:

$ sudo nano -w /home/kiosk/.mozilla/firefox/obw0c5n2.default/extensions/{24731AD7-300A-4c5a-A4AC-F8599DA482E2}/install.rdf

Change the line that reads <em:maxVersion>3.6.*</em:maxVersion> to read <em:maxVersion>10.*</em:maxVersion> This should be safe, and it seems to work well. However, it's possible that future upgrades of Firefox may change features that this plugin depends on, and that could cause unexpected results. I will look for a permanent solution for this with the next kiosk build.


Just curious if you have any plans to release an update?  Thank you very much for your hard work on this project!

We're not sure when though. Thank you for your kind words and support.

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Firefox, in my experience, doesn't remove the previous version.
It would grab me by surprise when I open the wrong shortcut (of course, it didn't take me long to become annoyed and get rid of the old version).

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I am by version 8 which seem to work following a style and with the Yahoo toolbar, the newest one is 10.4beta, the previous one that work correctly with all counting printer and toolbars.

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