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New Ubuntu Kiosk image for 12.04


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We have just finished a release for Ubuntu 12.04. It can be downloaded using the link below.

Installation is the same:

1). Boot to the image (CD or USB). 
2). Log in as itadmin with the password changeme
3). Double click "install custom CD" on the desktop. 
4). Reboot to the hard disk and log in again. 
5). Double click setup kiosk and choose run in terminal. 

By default, the recovery menu item is disabled in grub. This is a good thing if physical access to the box is allowed. We use nothing but WPA2-PSK although the open options should still work. 

There is better detection for wireless interfaces. 

It still uses firefox and the kioskfox plugin. The kioskfox plugin needs to be manually updated for the firefox version as it doesn't seem to be maintained. 

We found that gdm sessions are broken. So we opted to use nodm as outlined in a post on building an ubuntu kiosk.

Please post in the forum if something doesn't work or any features are needed. Thank you.