Recovering deleted files from NTFS image


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Sometimes, it becomes necessary to recover deleted files from an NTFS image. Using linux, a free utility called ntfsundelete can be used.

If the image is still mounted, you will need to unmount it:

$ sudo umount tmpmount

Then, you will want to use the losetup utility to associate a loop with a regular file (our image):

$ sudo losetup -o 15443968 /dev/loop0 /media/2Big/hd.img

The -o is the offset calculated from the last post (the start of the partition listed in fdisk * 512). The ntfsundelete utility can then be used:

$ ntfsundelete -s /dev/loop0

This will scan the image for all files that can be undeleted. You can then use a command such as:

$ ntfsundelete -u -m '*.jpg' -d /home/jacob/recovered-files/

which will recover all the files with .jpg in the name. NTFS can recover inode ranges (listed in the scan) also.

When you're done, use:

$ sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0