Kiosk mode run off of CD


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Kiosk mode run off of CD

I have been messing with this distro for ubuntu and have been pretty happy with it. But, I would like to create the kiosk on a VM then create an iso for distribution. The my setup would be basically to run off a cd kinda like Booth (which is what we are running now but, firefox and flash are too out of date). No hard drive just run off of cd and boot directly into full screen firefox and it's home page which is a flash video that plays on TVs. I have set this up and ran remastersys to create the iso but, it creates the interactive log in, not the straight into kiosk like I had hoped. Any suggestions?

Running straight from CD

I have been thinking about this. It would require more work as there would be no way to configure WIFI or anything else the scripts do without some sort of GUI program that would run under the kiosk user. It might be an interesting addition.