Windows 7 be more like Linux

An interesting article on Slashdot pointing to an article at which points out what features Windows 7 must implement.

I'm obviously bias, but I think the author is picking out what he likes most about Linux? It's funny how a few years ago, Linux had to be more like Windows, but now, Windows needs to be more like Linux.

I starred the items I think is present in modern, friendly Linux now. The article goes into details about each item, so be sure to check it out.

20. Modularised OS* (The *nix philosophy. Do one thing, do it well.)

19. XP Virtual Machine

18. New UAC* (sudo)

17. Gaming Mode

16. Customised Install*

15. Productive GUI* (Gnome/KDE customizable and other desktops available)

14. All for One and One for All* (Ubuntu choices are clear)

13. WinFS

12. Home User Licensing* (GPL)

11. Driver Availability* (arguable)

10. Standards Compliant Browser* (firefox)

9. Program Caching* (no need, Linux is efficient)

8. Microsoft Toolbox* (apt)

7. OS Restoration via imaging

6. Barebones Kernel* (Ubuntu JEOS)

5. 64bit only

4. Better out-of-box burning capabilities* (I haven't had issues)

3. Diagnostic Tools *

2. Faster Boot and Shutdown * (yep and less rebooting needed)

1. Simplify and manage startup items *