Linux conversion: Michelle

Michelle had come to me a while back complaining about her *gulp* Windows 98 machine. Both the operating system, and the machine itself, were very slow. But she didn't see why she had to buy a whole new machine, and/or upgrade Windows just to use the computer for what she used it for.

Michelle used the computer for surfing the internet, playing simple games like solitaire and instant messaging.

I suggested that, rather than spending $500+ on a new virus box, she let me install Ubuntu Linux instead.

After backing up her documents, I tried to run the Kubuntu live CD, which wouldn't run because her machine lacked the hardware requirements. Yikes.

So I obtained the alternate cd, started the installation and crossed my fingers.


Here it is several months later and Michelle loves Linux. She uses Kopete, has installed many utilities and games herself, uses the package manager (not just add/remove programs) and is becoming quite proficient with Linux.

Kubuntu boots and runs much faster than even Windows 98 did. Michelle loves that she doesn't have to pay for office, that she doesn't have to worry about viri or spyware, and that she didn't have to pay for a new computer or upgrade just to do the same things she had been doing.