XMLHttpRequest Problem In Firefox Part 2

I've noticed another odd behavior in FireFox while using the XMLHttpRequest object. When posting to a page on a server that requires authentication, the first post will go through just fine. But the second post, without refreshing the page, will cause the server to want authentication. I'm not sure if this behavior was present in the previous version and this behavior his not present if the object is querying a page using get. Using post works fine using IE 7.

Deleting Online Predators Act Of 2006

On July 26, 2006 the House of Representatives passed the bill titled Deleting Online Predators Act Of 2006 (House resolution 5319). This bill aims to block the use of online chat rooms and social networking websites in schools and libraries, basically federally funded institutions. A website has been started dubbed with the goal of collecting one million signatures in hopes of pursuading the senate to vote this bill down.

XMLHttpRequest Problem In Firefox

The latest version of Firefox seems to have broken the XMLHttpRequest object. Specifically, if the asynchronous flag is set to false, the object will no longer function. I haven't done much research into this. I just wanted to jot a quick note. Set the asynchronous flag to true and everything should be fine.

MySpace Serves Up Adware

Well, to be fair, it wasn't their fault. It's only named because the popularity and, I assume, the computer saviness of the average user, which allowed for a massive adware infection of users' computers. Brian Krebs on reported that an ad on MySpace and other sites distributed adware using a vulnerability in IE that Microsoft patched in January. Ok kids, once again:

Ajax: The Basics And Get

I've been working with some aspects of the Ajax group of technologies lately. It sounds complicated and difficult to learn, but it really isn't. It uses the XMLHttpRequest object supported by many browsers. My current development requires I code for IE and Firefox, although it seems to be functional in Netscape.

To use the XMLHttpRequest object, I put together two simple functions and put them in a file named SimpleAjax.js. Here are the functions:

MS SQL: Using A Case Statement In A View

Here is a neat trick for using conditional processing in a view.

I needed to create a view that contained an employee id and employee name amongst other data. The original view included two joins, but for the sake of simplicity, I have altered the view. This view uses a case statement to determine which "full name" to show, the full name using the first name or the full name using the nickname if the employee has one.

SQL: Totaling A Column Containing Varying Values

I have been doing quite a few surveys recently and one of the tasks involved is mining the responses for data. Here's a neat trick I learned for totalling and counting responses using sql rather than programmatically on the front end.

Let's say you have a table of customers (tblCustomers) that houses the name of each person and the flavor of ice cream each customer prefers:

Detecting A Secure Server Using ColdFusion

I needed a quick tag to detect if the page the tag resided in was called using a secure URL. Unfortunately, the CGI function was not easily found, so here it is.

<cfif CGI.HTTPS EQ "off">

<cfset NewLink = "https://" & #CGI.HTTP_HOST# & #CGI.PATH_INFO#>

<cfset NewLink = NewLink & "?" & #CGI.QUERY_STRING#>