Akonadi server process not registered at D-Bus

If you're using Kubuntu with KDE 4.2 and keep getting an error when akonadi starts up, which lists "Akonadi server process not registered at D-Bus" as the first error, try the following:

$ sudo aa-complain mysqld-akonadi
$ sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor reload

Kubuntu uses apparmor to block certain actions on the system. The new akonadi system KDE uses attempts one of these actions. The commands above simply tells apparmor to log the action rather than block it.

Then, use:

$ akonadictl stop

to stop the service, then

$ akonadictl start

to start it. Do NOT use sudo for these last two commands.


thx, that helped a lot :)

i have compiled kde-svn and this command :
$ sudo aa-complain mysqld-akonadi
does not work for me and gives me this error:
"Can't find mysqld-akonadi in the system path list. If the name of the application is correct, please run 'which mysqld-akonadi' as a user with the correct PATH environment set up in order to find the fully-qualified path."

and i don't have mysqld-akonadi , what can i do?

If you don't have mysqld-akonadi, and akonadi is failing (you get that annoying notification every time you login), you might check the self-test by using the tray utility for akonadi (akonaditray), which should be available in the menu. That will give you more information as to what is wrong.

How to fix the same problem in opensuse11.1

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