How to fix resetKiosk

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How to fix resetKiosk

How to fix resetKiosk

Justin Swall (not verified)
I also am looking for a

I also am looking for a solution to this question.
If I find an answer I'll update this thread.

Anyone else wanna save me time and give us the answer?? ;)

Justin Swall (not verified)

In /home/kiosk/.mozilla/firefox/profile.default/user.js add the following line:

user_pref("extensions.resetKiosk.timeoutseconds", 300);

where 300 is the number of seconds you want on your timeout. Note that profile.default is not literally the name of the folder. Your folder will be some random number with .default on the end.

Another way to make this change would be to edit /home/kiosk/.xsession and change the ' firefox ' command to ' firefox --safe-mode '. Then you can login to the kiosk with all add-ons disabled. Disable the KioskFox extension, remove the --safe-mode in your .xsession file to return it to the way you found it, and then reboot.

You'll be in Firefox as the regular user without the KioskFox restrictions. Note you will enter in full screen mode so press F11 so you can see the title bar.

From here, you can use the GUI to edit the preferences of the Reset Kiosk extension to modify the number of seconds it times out. Additionally, while you're here, you can remove items from the history, or make other changes to Firefox.

Once done, re-enable the KioskFox extension and close Firefox. The system will reboot into the Kiosk mode and all will be good in the world :)