Viewing Private Profiles On MySpace, No Can Do

I don't believe there is any way to view a private profile on MySpace. I am writing this because I have noticed an huge increase in traffic to this blog, resulting from searches regarding hacking private myspace profiles.

When you go to a private profile, the page checks to see if your friend ID is on the list of friends for the person you are trying to visit. If it is not, or if you're not logged in, the page will not show your request.

The hacks that were (are) available only revealed a portion of the profile such as the pictures or the comments. Usually, there was nothing else. Just a blank white page and the photos. This is basically how it works, well, my guess anyway. Read this "code" from top to bottom. Something like this probably happens when you load someone's profile:

if the user is not logged in, set the friend id to 0

if the friend id is not zero

  • check to see if the friend id is on the person's friend list
  • if the friend id is on the person's friend list
    • load page viewpictures.cfm
    • load page viewprofile.cfm
    • load page viewcomments.cfm
    • etc.
  • if the friend id is not on the friends list or is zero
  • load the error message saying you must be someones friend

The hacks involved accessing the pages viewpictures.cfm directly, without using the person's profile page. Again, it's only due to sloppy programming and a lack of understanding when it comes to security.

This leaves a few alternatives, ALL OF WHICH ARE ILLEGAL. It is illegal to use, or attempt to use, a website outside it's intended use. You could just ask to be the person's friend, using a fake profile even. However, for arguments sake:

-Try to find other pages, like viewpictures.cfm, that work when you access them directly.
-Try to login as the person's friend.
-If the person is using your computer (such as you child), use a keystroke logger to gain their email address and password.

But if this is your significant other, or someone you know, use reality. Talk to them...or if you don't trust them, leave them. If MySpace is more important to them than you, they don't deserve you. There are plenty of fish in the sea.