Torrents. Not just for illegal downloads.

This blurb isn't just about Linux. Its about the BitTorrent peer to peer file sharing protocol. And BitTorrent isn't just about illegal downloads.

BitTorrent is used by many open source projects as a preferred method of distribution because, among other reasons, BitTorrent spreads the cost in hardware and bandwidth amongst the users of the product, it decentralizes the distribution of the file so the potential users are not dependent on one download source and BitTorrent falls right in line with many of the concepts of open source.

Most operating systems can harness the power of BitTorrent, but distributions like Kubuntu have clients such as Ktorrent installed by default.

Torrents are pretty safe, assuming they're obtained directly from the project website, have many "seeders," or people sharing the complete file, or have no negative comments on the torrent site.

BitTorrent has gotten quite a bit of negative press due to the downloading of copyrighted materials. I hope the powers that be keep in mind there is a very positive aspect of using torrents and those who violate the law realize there isn't any anonymity when it comes to using BitTorrent.