Steorn: Free, Clean Energy (and a myspace oops)

As blogged by my good friend Jeff, Steorn, an Irish company, has apparently come up with a method of producing clean, free energy. This has come with some scrutiny being that it defies a basic law of physics, the one that says energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. It can only change in form. This is exciting as it means never having to charge your cell phone, electricity would be virtually free, and cars could run on electricity without having to recharge. And they've been testing this technology for three years, with no interest. They are due to release products using this technology soon, which should drive the final nail in the coffin of OPEC (I hope).

Upon visiting their extremely well built website, I went to their forums. There was a user who was posting under the user name of malachin1 and, I guess, being very vulgar and rude and insulting. Well, why's the internet and you're anonymous, right? Well, one of the users he was insulting googled his user name and came up with his MySpace page! Yes, it had his picture, his home town, his real friends and their pictures and so on. The guy posted links directly to his MySpace page and directly to his picture! Well, I guess he's getting what he deserves.