Racist graffiti in Marysville

From the tinfoil hat department...


This article caught my attention. King 5 news is running a story about racist graffiti found on a fence in Marysville. Coming from Marysville, I have to mention that this is a common occurrence, especially in the area where this incident took place, but instead of racist graffiti, it's usually "gang" (if you can call them that) graffiti, or just tagging.

What caught my eye was the interracial couple claiming it was a threat targeted at them because the graffiti was on a fence at the entrance to the sub division. Really? Was it spray painted on your garage or your fence? Was it addressed to you?

"'Sometimes when we're out together there's always somebody saying something, looking at us strange,' said Randy.

But the interracial couple says this weekend's graffiti is the most blatant example so far."

People look at me strange too. People talk when I'm around as well. Can we a be a bit more specific as why they are talking about you, or looking at you strange...I mean more strange than any other couple or person?

I'm not a fan of racism or of kids possessing spray paint, and racism, bigotry and a lack of tolerance is not ok in our day and age, but come on. Paranoid much?

" Carol and Randy say they wanted to bring the incident to light so the community will confront the problem and prevent it from happening again.

'Part of me doesn't feel safe, not anymore, not like how it used to be,' said Randy.

My bet is, these where stupid kids who wanted to spray paint a fence located on a very busy road...nothing more, nothing less. Aren't we over reacting a little bit?