More Myspace Stupidity

It seems there is no shortage of examples when it comes to users' stupidity on MySpace.

First there is the story of a 48 year old man who "lured girls" ages 13 -15 to his trailer to smoke his legally-posessed marijuana with him using his MySpace page. From the article:

Steven Trimarco, 48, pleaded not guilty to 19 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, plus various drug and weapons charges, police said. The Exeter man smoked pot on multiple occasions with at least four North Kingstown girls, ages 13 to 15, providing the basis for the 19 counts, police said.

The article goes on to state that he posted pictures of himself amid his marijuana plants, stating he had "the best weed in Rhode Island," and that he was "a farmer." Mr. Trimarco was legally allowed to smoke marijuana for medical reasons, but obviously not to boost his IQ.

Then there's a scary story from Texas. Jeremiah Love's MySpace page, who went by the name LeatherFace, featured graphic images of dismembered women, a woman with the word loath carved into her and an occupation of "super hero/serial killer." Sounds like many of the idiots on that website, no? The reason this made the news was that this moron was a cop. He claimed the site was done up in a horror them, and was meant to be humorous, but has since been suspended.

With teachers now checking up on their students using MySpace, and people posting altered, pornographic photos on other people's pages it's a wonder why people don't realize there is no privacy on this site, and they should be more careful with who they associate with.

But why bother hacking someone's account, when you can just create an account in their name? It's not as if MySpace takes any responsibility for their tool by checking the identities of their users. Afterall, that would violate the privacy of it's not so private users.