It is all too often these days to experience bad customer service. It is seemingly inescapable. It makes it even more important to highlight those companies that truly deliver great customer service.

I had a great customer service experience recently with Moen, a company that sells bathroom fixtures. In the process of fixing a water damaged floor in our bathroom, we had to purchase a new shower kit. When I say a shower kit, I mean everything from the shower control, the valve behind it, and the shower head and pipe. The main piece that was needed was the valve that is sweat soldered in, by a licensed plumber, behind the control.

An entire bag of parts was missing from the kit. I ended up sending an email to Moen on Sunday, knowing their customer service department was closed, explaining what was missing, from which set, and giving them my address.

I was surprised to get an email back a few hours later letting me know they were mailing the parts the next day at no charge. The parts arrived two days later via FedEx. I emailed them back and told them how impressed I was with their service, and their products, and that this experience would influence my purchasing decisions in the future.