Mayor Nickels has lost his mind

In an effort to promote being "green," the Mayor of Seattle is closing neighborhoods to car traffic for an afternoon. These are dubbed car-free days and are supposed to promote walking, biking or taking mass transit.

"I think it promotes awareness of whatever we're promoting awareness of," said resident Thomas Hubbard.

Yes...what he said.

The latest car-free day was less than successful due to the rain and hardly anyone was on the street.

"I think most people are scratching their heads. I've seen people move the signs and drive through anyway," said Hubbard.

With more police officers diverting traffic than actual people, the city decided to end the event two hours earlier.

O'Connor said the idea was good in theory, "but in practice, it needs a little bit of work."

Unfortunately, the residents who still live in the real world, where cars are still needed, were the ones who were punished as about 20 cars were towed from the street to clear it of cars, most of those being the cars of the residents of that neighborhood.

So, to promote clean air and to be environmentally friendly, the city has chosen to send tow trucks to tow the cars of the residents that were not out driving them.

I hate to see the environmental movement go in this direction, but it seems to be getting more and more extreme, similar, in my opinion, to the Democratic party as a whole. I used to vote Democratic, but the party seems to be more and more socialist as time goes on.