Illegal immigrants stealing jobs

When I hear someone ranting and raving about illegal immigrants stealing jobs, I just can't agree. Are people really lined up for the jobs illegal immigrants normally work?

Dave Ross from his self-titled radio show on 710 KIRO covered the story of Dan Fazio from the Washington Farm Bureau who is looking for Americans to legally work the farms for $10 per hour. Dave put an "APB" out looking for "any born and bred legal American -- of any age - who's worked on a farm picking fruit in the past year." His response? ZERO. And Mr. Fazio is having problems finding legal workers at that rate, even offering to bus youngsters in.

And this is where the only argument against illegal immigrants I disagree with is flawed in my opinion. Illegal immigrants will work those types of jobs, for less, do them well and will live off that money.

The entire article:

Opportunity knocks again: we're being told that job ops for teens have hit a low, and yet the farmer are ready to bus youngsters to their farms to picks the crops.

And the line for those buses forms... nowhere, apparently.

I asked for calls from any born and bred legal American -- of any age - who's worked on a farm picking fruit in the past year. ZERO. Except for one story from a mom whose kids did a little picking last year.

According to Dan Fazio of the Washington Farm Bureau, the pay is $10 an hour and the farmers provide bus transportation. If you're hard core and go to a farm 75 miles or more from home, they provide a room too.

But the last call of Hour 3 told the story -- a youngish fellow who said those Eastern Washington farmers are loaded and could pay plenty more. He suggested $22/hour.

I'm curious -- how much would it take for the young adults in your family -- or the adult adults in your family -- to pick the fruit?

In the meantime, if $10 is acceptable, Dan's number is (360) 528-2916.

Are you serious? $22 dollars per hour for a job anyone can do? Talk about a false sense of entitlement. Young Americans believe they deserve $22 per hour because they have to work hard in an unskilled job? Is this the state of our country?

I've said it before, if the right gets their way and the illegal immigrants are removed from the country, look for sky-rocketing produce costs and/or a surge of local farms going under.