Firefox Extensions - An Introduction And IE View

An extension extends the functionality of Firefox. These are generally downloaded through their secure site, which can be tricky to find the most useful extensions. My goal is to make it easy to find and use the best extensions for Firefox. Extensions can do many things, from installing useful tools to blocking advertisements to adding entertainment.

To get extensions for Firefox, you click on the Tools menu, then click Extensions. This will bring up the extension manager, a simple interface which allows you to manage your extensions. Click on Get More Extensions.

Many people think they need IE, and this may be true for some websites. The extension IE View takes care of this. With this extension, all you have to do to view a site in Internet Explorer is right click on the site you are browsing in Firefox and click on View This Page In IE. Internet Explorer will open and the page you are viewing will appear.

Next, I will highlight AdBlock, the extension used to block advertisements.