Firefox - The Better Browser

With the increasing popularity of the free browser Firefox, I have decided to start this tutorial for users of other browsers.

Firefox is faster, much more secure and probably the most customizable browser on the planet. And it's free. It includes features such as tabbed browsing, an RSS reader that creates live bookmarks (click a button and a drop down menu shows you the latest stories and posts from your favorite websites), integrated search to make searching faster and easier browsing. There are many more features which are highlighted here. Firefox creates easier browsing by allowing you to type a search term into the address bar, as well as partial sites. Typing will bring you to this blog and typing firefox will take you to the firefox main site.

Firefox allows you to see websites as the designer intended, and not as the company that creates the browser believes you should, with strict adherance to web standards. I will be talking about the extension IE view next.