Another MySpace Murder Plot

Yahoo! news is reporting on a murder plot over a MySpace page that went down in Arizona.

Heather Michelle Kane, 22, was arrested after paying an undercover police officer $500 dollars up front and another $500 dollars when the job was done, to kill a woman who's picture appeared on her boyfriend's MySpace profile, requesting a picture of her dead body.

There aren't many details with this story, but murder over MySpace?!? I guess it's the boyfriend's lack of faithfulness, or her perception of that deficiency. But my question is, if this were real life which this woman obviously believed MySpace was, would she try to kill the woman? Would she even know of any alledged misconduct on the boyfriend's part?

She may have not have even found out if it weren't for that website. I know from personal experience that MySpace can bruise egos and does create an extremely competitive environment for the affections and loyalty of others. What could have driven this woman to attempt to hire someone to take her competition's life? And is this guy really worth it? I wonder if she got the woman's details from her profile, or that person's friends.

Ms. Kane was obviously so caught up in this fantasy world that this tool creates that murder was a viable option. I have heard other people remark on how much better they feel now that they have nothing to do with MySpace. It's unfortunate that this woman chose the actions she took instead of looking at herself and her own relationship.