Accessing Windows from a browser

In using the CR-48 I have found I can do most things from just a browser, including:

  • web-based development using the file manager in cpanel
  • streaming music using subsonic on my desktop
  • database development using mysql and phpmyadmin

But there are a few of things I cannot do:

  • development using Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server development
  • distance learning with tools utilizing java
  • anything hardware related requiring usb or cds/dvds
  • accounting using GNUCash

A very good work around is to install ThinVNC on Windowx XP, a virtual machine in my case. ThinVNC allows you to connect in a secure manner and control Windows. It works great using ChromeOS.

It doesn't control Linux, but I find I can do most things using SSH, which is included with ChromeOS, so that's not a problem.