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Install Groupwise 8.0.1 client on Kubuntu 9.10 64 bit

While Novell supports Linux, it mostly supports SuSE, which uses rpm and not deb packages. But it's still fairly easy to install the Groupwise client on an Ubuntu based system.

First, you'll need some software to do this.

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs ia32-sun-java6-bin alien

Then download the client. After you download it, use alien to extract the contents

$ alien -t --veryverbose novell-groupwise-client-8.0.1-88138.i586.rpm

Happy birthday Linus!

"Today is the birthday of Linus. Just under 19 years ago, on the first day the shops in Helsinki were open after the holidays, Linus rushed out and spent all his Christmas and birthday money on his first PC: a DX33 80386, with 4 Megs of RAM, no co-processor, and a 40 Megabyte hard disc. Today, the kernel he wrote on that system powers 90% of the fastest supercomputers, and is starting to find its way into more and more smartphones — not to mention everything in between. What would the world look like had he spent his money on something else?"


x2go terminal server for Kubuntu

Linux Magazine ran an article highlighting x2go, a free, open source terminal server project that includes clients that run on any Linux distribution, and Windows as well.


I just "found" kdirstat for KDE. It is a very nice program, that does have a Windows clone called WinDirStat. To install this program using Kubuntu, just use

$ sudo apt-get install kdirstat

and use the CLI to invoke it using kdirstat. There is no menu least one didn't show up for me.

kdirstat overview

Buggy software part 2


Now Google Wave? What is it, a full moon? Oh..yes, it is.

Google apologizes if the internet offends you

Search queries for "Michelle Obama" surged today as a doctored photo of the first lady appeared on the first page of Google's search results. Many in the media are reporting that Google has taken out an advertisement apologizing for the image. This isn't completely accurate.

Strange Family Guy omission

I was watching a rerun of Family Guy on Fox the other night and noticed a strange omission. The episode, originally aired during our latest presidential election, featured the characters Stewie and Brian using a time machine to go back in time to Germany during the reign of Hitler and the Nazi party.

Turn by turn directions comes to the G1

The update of Google Maps today brings Google Navigation Beta! This update provides turn by turn, spoken directions using GPS and integrates street view. =)

Robot Chicken Star Wars 2.5 tonight

You're going to watch it, right? 11:30 on Cartoon Network.


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