Ubuntu kiosk based on 10.04.1

**The latest update broke the kioskfox plugin** See here for instructions on fixing it.

The links for the new build based on Ubuntu 10.04.1 are below, along with the zip file containing the scripts. Contributions are welcome and please contact me or comment below with questions and complaints. This is live CD that can be installed to disk that is tailored for use as a public internet kiosk. There are 19 scripts included that perform various actions.

This started several years ago after a need arose for secure and stable web kiosks around our college campus.

New version of the Ubuntu kiosk build based on 10.04.1 coming soon

Alex and I have been working on this for some time and will be releasing it soon.

*UPDATE: It's here: http://jacob.steelsmith.org/content/ubuntu-kiosk-based-10041


Accessing Windows from a browser

In using the CR-48 I have found I can do most things from just a browser, including:

  • web-based development using the file manager in cpanel
  • streaming music using subsonic on my desktop
  • database development using mysql and phpmyadmin

But there are a few of things I cannot do:

Verizon email addresses bouncing after switch to Frontier.

In Washington State, at least Western Washington, Frontier purchased Verizon's operations. Part of this transition was changing everyone's email address from @verizon.net to @frontier.com. If you haven't updated your email address with everyone, any email to @verizon.net will "bounce," meaning the sender will get a message saying it couldn't be delivered.

Trouble with AMD Cool and Quiet

I've had an ongoing problem with my computer ever since I purchased it in 2008. Every once in a while, mostly under high load, the computer would freeze. I couldn't find anything in the logs regarding the lock up, and the problem persisted through multiple versions of Ubuntu, so I assumed it was a hardware and not a software problem.

The processor is an AMD Phenom 9850 and the motherboard an Asus M3N-HD HDMI.

I have been compiling the Chromium OS image, or trying to, for the last few weeks. I have been successful a few times, but nearly every time the machine would freeze.

Text based browsers and Linux

I am typing this from a text based browser on my son's laptop over my wireless which was configured using wpa_supplicant. I have to admit, it took quite a bit of work.

I know I can do most everything using the command line including:

*browsing the internet
*use gmail
*use a mail client
*edit documents
*ssh, telnet, etc
*chat using text based clients
*listen to music

Some tasks I cannot do:

*use a virtual machine
*remote desktop
*use flash
*use gnucash
*view movies
*view images (maybe)

Tmobile G2 update adds tethering

An OTA update today added USB and WIFI hotspot tethering to the G2.

I ordered my G2 today!

The T-Mobile G2 is available for pre-order for current customers as low as $199.00 with a two year contract. The phone will be delivered October 6, the same day it's available everywhere else.

G2 pre-order tomorrow?

The G2 is rumored to be available for pre-order tomorrow, September 1 2010.

Upgrading my G1

I remember waiting for what seemed like an eternity to purchase a Linux based cell phone. I was stuck on T-Mobile's network with the T-Mobile Wing which, for it's time, was a decent Window's based cell phone.

When the G1, the first Android based cell phone hit the market, I was one of the first to pre-order the phone. Not only did it have a keyboard, but it was Linux based and built upon an open source operating system called Android.


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