Printing from Firefox

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Printing from Firefox

Hi all,

I can print from the user kiosk until I run the script to lock the kiosk.

What can I do to be able to print from Firefox with the kiosk locked?

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Printing from Firefox


i'll like to print too from firefox, how make it?


Martin Õunap


First, when you are loged in as itadmin user, add printer. After that login as user kiosk, open firefox in safe mode (from terminal firefox -safe-mode), now you can add custom buttons to toolbar, add printer button. Now clode firefox and lock it to kiosk mode. Now if you hit priont button in kiosk mode, it opens up print dielog, so you can print. If you wish, you can enable silent printing in firefox, so nothing will be asked and everythin on page will be printed. It might not be good idea. But to do that you should:

To enable silent printing(ie: no print dialog will appear asking you to confirm settings)
1.Type about:config at Firefoxs location bar and hit Enter.
2.Right click at anywhere on the page and select New > Boolean
3.Enter the preference name as print.always_print_silent and click OK.
4.You may need to toggle it to true: Right click on the newly added item, and Left click on Toggle.

Note:The default printer will be used when printing via this method.

Martin Õunap


Do enybody know, that how can I print only 2 pages, when silent printing is on?

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