can't ssh into the box

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can't ssh into the box

I've got everything up and running on my mac,  however,  I can't seem to ssh into the box.  Using network-manager,
I port scanned  localhost,  and I did see 22022.  However,  when I port scan the box from another machine,   only port 80 shows up (webserver I installed).  I installed gufw and the firewall is off.
(I tried this from the box itself as well  "ssh -p 22022 localhost"
but get this:

Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer
I tried sudo service ssh start (or restart)  and a few reboots.
Any ideas?
thank you!

re: ssh

If you're using dansguardian (or firehol) Tone suggested the following:
Came up against a problem when installing dansguardian, firehol automatically blocks the ssh server port and i couldn't access the box by ssh anymore. I loaded up the live cd again and edited the /etc/firehol/firehol.conf file and added:
server_ssh_ports="tcp/22022 tcp/22"
server ssh accept
interface eth0 lan0
server ssh accept

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