SQL Server connection problems

I ran into a problem whereby my SQL Server jobs wouldn't run. I received this warning in the log:

The program sqlservr.exe, with the assigned process ID 4724, could not authenticate locally by using the target name MSSQLSvc/dev2.[DOMAIN]:[PORT]. The target name used is not valid. A target name should refer to one of the local computer names, for example, the DNS host name. Try a different target name.

I also saw this message:

The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

I had moved this machine from a physical to a virtual. I found the final solution here:

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926642 (method 1 using the FQDN in the error message).

after reading this great post:



I did the exact same thing as Jacob did!  I had been looking and trying different things for over 2 hours.  I finally stumbled across this article and did Method 1... Just doing CNAME did not work!  You have to do FQDN.  Thanks!!

You have to get the username and secret word that you were utilizing to get to your SQL server. At that point you need to add that to the SQL association on your new PC. assignment writing service. You will likewise need to know the web location of your SQL server.

You need to get the username and password that you were using to access your SQL server. Then you have to add that to the SQL connection on your new computer. You will also need to know the web address of your SQL server.

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How would I resolve this? Is it the site's issue?

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I faced the same thing it was showing window authentication problem. Custom Web Designing