Capitalism is not evil

I saw this comment on this blog and it's bothered me ever since.

It KILLS me when people say "If we cap. salaries, or give away health care, etc., people won't have any motivation to innovate, to take risks, work hard, no new things will be invented, or discovered, companies will fail, and we'll become a third world country...", etc., etc..

As if the opportunity to make billions is the only reason people strive to succeed, or realize dreams, and the drive to see ideas to fruition doesn't, itself, transcend money, in the minds of the truly creative. As if belief in an idea isn't what really pushes true visionaries to innovate. As if, absent the possibility of someday living opulently, no one would see anything as worth doing.

Maybe that's true for the greedy folks fighting so hard to see that we don't change the status quo, but, not most people.

If health care were free, if salaries were capped, the greedy types would innovate, risk take, work hard, strive to succeed, fight, and claw...for every PENNY, just as they now do for their million dollar bonuses, even though they wouldn't need to pay for health care. The rest would do as we've always done, and do things to earn a living as best we can, whether we earn just a somewhat comfortable living for ourselves and our families, or become uber-wealthy.

Taking away the ability to be uber-wealthy, or the need to be able to afford health care, would NOT curb ingenuity. Period.

I truly hope most people are smarter than this. It is painfully obvious this person has no concept of capitalism, risk and reward, or sacrifice. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, this is so wrong from my point of view.

Success isn't only money. It's building a business. It's employing people. It's innovation through the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work of hundreds or thousands of people.

And to do that, you need a company that generates profit. That, aside from money given, is the only way to innovate. A company needs capital and profit to not only employ these creative people, but to fund research and development. This applies to many sectors, including health care, which the US is in the top in innovation and research, who's inventions other countries use frequently.

The entrepreneur must not only do what she loves to do, sometimes for free at first, but she must wear many other hats, especially at first. She must be the accountant, be human resources, be training, and be sales, until the company can generate enough income to pay others to perform these tasks.

This takes enormous effort and sacrifice. The average entrepreneur works much, much, much harder than the average employee at a large company. Yet this commenter believes they should be paid the same.

The average doctor goes to school much longer, has much more exposure to liability, has much more responsibility, and works much harder than the average personal assistant. But government should dictate how much the doctor makes, because the personal assistant has decided it's too much?

Why would anyone work twice as hard for the same reward? And under your system, commenter, would the income of the corporation be capped? Or could the corporation make billions as long as the CEO only took home 100,000 or whatever is "fair?"

If my income was capped, I would not be 1) working full time, 2) returning to school, and 3) running a business providing services and developing products. I would be sitting at home plugged into the television being spoon fed everything to me by my government.

But I want to have enough money to not worry about it. I want some of the finer things in life. I want to give and build. I want something my family will be proud of, and something to leave my children. I want more. Call it greed, but I call it ambition.



Wow the writer of this is so narrow minded and ignorant its sickening..