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The farce of "unlimited" storage and bandwidth

I run a web hosting, programming, and design business. I use my skills in programming, and the skills of others, to design and build dynamic, cool websites and host them on a server, which I manage.

When comparing hosting plans, many people look at disk space and bandwidth, which is good. However, some people make the mistake of getting sucked into the unlimited storage and transfer trap.

The Dreamhost Nightmare

I attempted to sign up for DreamHost web hosting and had the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had..bar none.

Shared Hosting Company Review

I just finished moving all of my sites off of Dreamhost and onto HostGator after a short run with GoDaddy. What follows is a review of each. The best host for the dollar by far is HostGator.

Shared Hosting...Getting Started

I have just started getting into shared hosting with some of the clients I work with. If you're new to the concept, shared hosting is when a server hosts several websites, and users manage their own sites and can host many sites using their account. For example, I signed up for an account with Dreamhost (after a poor experience with GoDaddy...more to come) and now I can host multiple websites using that account.

I have had some interesting experiences over the last few days and wanted to document them.

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