Tmobile G2 update adds tethering

An OTA update today added USB and WIFI hotspot tethering to the G2.

G2 pre-order tomorrow?

The G2 is rumored to be available for pre-order tomorrow, September 1 2010.

U.S. Government to Explicitly Allow iPhone Jailbreaking

Doing what you want with your own device? Us Android people have been doing that for a while. I've been running Cyanogen mod on my 2 year old G1, adding features TMobile refuses to add. I have an option that I can check that allows installation of packages outside of the market.

Turn by turn directions comes to the G1

The update of Google Maps today brings Google Navigation Beta! This update provides turn by turn, spoken directions using GPS and integrates street view. =)

Google Maps Navigation for Android

With the new release of Android 2.0, deployable to handsets next month, comes Google Maps Navigation. This is a very exciting update to Android and, aside from Google Docs integration, is one of the most needed features for the Android OS.

My thoughts on the T-Mobile G1

I have owned the T-Mobile G1 since October. I had been looking for a replacement for the T-Mobile Wing for some time, and being a fan of open source and Linux, I was very excited to read about Android (even exploring Android development using their SDK), and even more excited to learn T-Mobile had the initial offering of an Android based cell phone.

T-Mobile's G1 - Android

I pre-ordered the T-Mobile G1, the first phone offering Google's Android operating system, Wednesday, as soon as I had heard it was available.

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