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Another MySpace Murder Plot

Yahoo! news is reporting on a murder plot over a MySpace page that went down in Arizona.

Heather Michelle Kane, 22, was arrested after paying an undercover police officer $500 dollars up front and another $500 dollars when the job was done, to kill a woman who's picture appeared on her boyfriend's MySpace profile, requesting a picture of her dead body.

Social Website Regulation?

BBC News has details on an investigation into social networking sites by Which? which concludes that social networking sites such as MySpace and BeBo need to do more to protect their members. Protect their members from what...themselves?

Xanga Fined $1 Million By The FTC

Xanga was fined $1 million dollars by the FTC today which is the largest penalty ever under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Xanga is a weblog community, or social networking site similar to FaceBook or the ever evil MySpace.

Viewing Private Profiles On MySpace, No Can Do

I don't believe there is any way to view a private profile on MySpace. I am writing this because I have noticed an huge increase in traffic to this blog, resulting from searches regarding hacking private myspace profiles.

When you go to a private profile, the page checks to see if your friend ID is on the list of friends for the person you are trying to visit. If it is not, or if you're not logged in, the page will not show your request.

Viewing Private MySpace Profiles

Why do you want to view a private MySpace profile? Please, leave a comment (you don't have to register and it's anonymous) and tell us your story. If the response is good enough, perhaps we can look into it.

**Included for archival reasons. No one is looking into it.**


Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dies

About one half-hour ago, the news agencies began reporting that Steve Irwin, known to most as the crocodile from several shows on the Discovery channel, as well as a couple of movies, has died. During the filming of a documentary, he was apparently stung by a sting ray, the ray's stinger piercing his heart. This hasn't been confirmed and two of the three stories available at this time are unreachable.


MySpace Hack Reveals "Private" Profiles

An article revealing a glitch on MySpace has again shown just how poorly implemented MySpace is, and just how careless people are in thinking their information is safe...even with a "private" profile.


Dynamic Picture Generation Using ColdFusion

I had an unusual problem to solve today. One of my applications generates signed documents using Microsoft Word. The user clicks a button and is prompted to open or save the word document. The signatures are important ones, and stored outside the webroot.

I solved this by referencing a coldfusion file in the src attribute of the image tag in the html that outputs the document. The file is called dynpic.cfm. So the image tag looks like this:

<img src="https://someserver.someschool.edu/production/someapp/dynpic.cfm?pic=chair" />

Steorn: Free, Clean Energy (and a myspace oops)

As blogged by my good friend Jeff, Steorn, an Irish company, has apparently come up with a method of producing clean, free energy. This has come with some scrutiny being that it defies a basic law of physics, the one that says energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. It can only change in form. This is exciting as it means never having to charge your cell phone, electricity would be virtually free, and cars could run on electricity without having to recharge.

VNC Vulnerability?

I was running version 4.1.1 of the free version of VNC software and have never had any problems, until about half an hour ago. VNC activated (the icon turned black) and someone started using my computer. I was able to disconnect my internet connection before anything was done.


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